MyT10 Mocha Ping Pong Table
MyT10 Mocha Ping Pong Table
MyT10 Mocha Ping Pong Table
MyT10 Mocha Ping Pong Table

MyT10 Mocha Ping Pong Table

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Unparalleled Indoor Competition Quality Ping Pong Table with Storage Pockets

The MyT10 Mocha is a beauty to behold, easy to handle, and simply marvelous to play on - all qualities you’d want in a ping pong table. This remodeled version remains functionally identical to the standard MyT10 with a slick new paint job to match any interior style.

Performance and Sophistication
This revolutionary table is designed to look great and perform even better. The playing surface features a repeat roller coating in matte brown with gloss brown lines to offset the look. Setup and storage is easy, and innovative storage pockets hidden in the table frame at each end allows for easy access to balls and paddles.

Tournament Ready
Our MyT10 Mocha table is designed and built to tournament grade standards. The table top is constructed of high quality 1” MDF for unparalleled ball bounce and intense, competitive play. This is simply the best folding ping pong table on the market.

Solo Playback Mode
Can’t find a playing partner? No problem. Fold up one side of the table for a satisfying solo playing experience. Practice shots and new techniques by yourself before trying them out on others.

Innovative Storage
Stop chasing balls around the room. Store up to 8 ping pong balls and 1 paddle at each end of the MyT10 Mocha ping pong table. These revolutionary Killerspin storage pockets are built right into the table frame. Pockets for ping pong balls and rackets are located in each end of the table to allow easy access to your table tennis equipment. Storage has never been easier.