Pool Table Buyers Guide

A pool table can be a great addition to any gameroom, man cave or basement. There are some specific guidelines to follow when considering purchasing a high quality pool table. 


Below are a few tips to consider when buying your home pool table. 

    What size pool table and room size?

      The table may fit in the room but you also need to consider the space for the 57” standard cues. Below is the suggested room size for each size table. 

      Room Size Requirements Chart

              7' Table     8' Table     Oversized 8'     9' Table

      48" Cue     11'6" x 14'6"     12' x 15'6"     12' x 15'8"     12'6" x 16'6"
      52" Cue     12' x 15'     12'6" x 16'     12'6" x 16'4"     13' x 17'
      57" Cue     13' x 16'     13'6" x 17'     13'6" x 17'4"     14' x 18

        What type of table?

          Customizable - These type of pool tables are highly customizable and take a bit more time for production. Our Connelly Billiard tables are fully customizable and can double as a dining room table. The Connelly pool tables come with a 3 piece slate.

          Pub/Bar style - You’ve likely seen the Valley Dynamo, Shelti and Great American recreation coin operated tables at your local Pub. These commercial pool tables are also available for home use. Some of the more popular tables are the Valley Panther Black Cat and the Valley Panther Tiger finish. These tables come with a 1 piece slate. 

            Slate/Particle Board

              The slate of the pool table is the actual playing surface. Slate is the professional grade bed material. Slate is the best material for your table, the thicker it is the better. 1" Slate is approved for tournament pool tables. Pool table slate is divided into categories by thickness, with the standard sizes being 3/4" slate, 1" slate and 1-1/4" slate. It is the most durable playing surface with faster and smoother ball roll, leveling and longevity.

              Particle board play surface has a shorter lifespan but is less costly and easy to transport.
                Custom Options

                  Many of the pool tables in our lineup can be fully customized. Below are some further options when considering a custom style pool table. 

                  Stains and wood - many tables are available in different types of stain and woods.

                  Billiard Cloth - Most common type of fabric that covers a pool table is made from a blend of wool and synthetic fabrics. This type of fabric provides maximum durability and playability. There are a number of different colored cloths to choose from. The most common being championship green and red. 

                  Most common brands of cloth are the Championship Teflon which is a stain resistant cloth and Simonis Cloth which is a premier worsted cloth and commonly used in professional tournaments.

                  Sights - Sights are on the table rails and are used as references or target points for bank shots or aiming. Some options available are  Plastic Diamond, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Black Diamond, or Custom.

                  Pool tables are a great option for your game room. Hopefully the features mentioned above will guide you in this important buying decision. If you are looking for a highly customizable, quality and handcrafted table take a look at the Connelly Billiard Tables. If you're looking for a pub style table that your used to playing on at the local watering hole try the durable tables made by Shelti, Great American Recreation and Valley Dynamo.