Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table
Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table
Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table
Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table
Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table

Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Table

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Gentry Shuffleboard Table

With the quality craftsmanship that is standard with Champion Shuffleboard,  the Gentry is ideal for any home or office. And like the Qualifier it ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored.  The Gentry comes with a maple veneer cabinet allowing for a customized stain, and offers hand-crafted solid maple legs. 

With the high quality craftsmanship and continued innovation, Champion remains the largest shuffleboard manufacturer in the world.

The Puck Stops Here!

Dimensions and weight:

  • Cradle Length: 9' overall, comes in one 9' section.
  • Table Height: 30" to the top of the playfield.
  • Assembled Weight: 198 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 368 pounds.
  • New updated lead time 3-4 weeks

Standard Features:

  • Solid maple cabinets
  • Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)
  • Patented Handicap Scoring
  • Makes game play faster and allows players of different skill levels to play each other 

BASE PRICE includes set of weights/pucks and powder/wax.

      The Gentry is a customizable table. You can choose:

      • Custom Stain
      • Custom Logo
      • Custom Score Unit


      Why Buy A Champion Shuffleboard Table?

      Don't be fooled by a beautifully crafted cradle that contains a Grade D playfield. Think about the game! What good is a showcase football stadium or baseball park if the grass is poorly maintained and the field uneven?

      With the "Lifetime Polymer" finish, a 1/4" thick polymer coating is applied over the maple playing field. This polymer eliminates the task of sanding down and refinishing - an annual headache with competing products. It saves the game owner valuable time and money for game maintenance. The "Lifetime Polymer" finish provides a fantastic playing surface that players can count on and is guaranteed for the life of the game board.

      With 30 years of experience building AND playing shuffleboard, Champion has constantly refined and improved the processes for building, curing and adjusting playfields, and the SunGlo line of products keep that playfield in prime condition.

      Not that Champion Shuffleboard cradles aren't beautifully crafted with premium woods and a wide selection of stains and finishes available. When you purchase a Champion Shuffleboard table it's the whole package: great to play, great to look at when you are not playing.