Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table
Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table

Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table

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Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table


The Rustic Shuffleboard Table is for that special game room. Finished and styled identically, the robust braced crossbeam construction and carefully crafted weathered wood and finish provide a timeless rugged look.
Solid Canadian Maple Playfield with Polymer finish.


Product Features:

  • Solid Canadian Maple Playfield with Polymer finish.
  • Solid White Oak cradle and legs.
  • One set of American Shuffleboard brand weights (pucks) included, along with Sun-Glo wax and silicone spray.
  • Playfield: 16' 8" long x 20" wide x 3" thick (7" with the climatic adjusters).
  • Handicap Scoring Available.
  • Playfield has a Lifetime warranty.
  • Cradle has a 90 day warranty.
  • This model has five legs and eight climatic adjusters.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Other Available Sizes: 9', 12', 14', 16', 20' and 22'.
  • Cradle Width: 31" without scoring unit, 36" with scoring unit.
  • Cradle Length: 18' overall, comes in two 9' sections.
  • Table Height: 30" to the top of the playfield.
  • Assembled Weight: 900 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 1170 pounds.

All Tables include a set of pucks and can of powder.

Optional Shuffleboard customization include

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Score Unit
  • Light Set
  • Custom Stain


  • Playfield Size:  3" thick x 20" wide
  • Cradle Lengths:  12' - 22' (22' tournament size)
  • Width:  31" without scoring unit; 36" with scoring unit
  • Height:  30" to the top of the playfield
  • Weight:  50 lbs per foot (approximate)

Lead time to ship 3-4 weeks 

Attractive, Classic Styling
Own a piece of oldtime USA with the Rustic shuffleboard table. This tournament-standard table, made in America, combines all of Champion's shuffleboard experience with an unusual, striking design.
The legs and crossbeam braces have been modelled on old railroad trestles. With chunky, metal brace mounts and real oak timber construction.

Choose From a Range of Sizes
The Rustic's cradle and legs are built entirely in solid oak timbers. This makes the table tough and long-lasting, and also stable and resistant to warping. Add a scoreboard to your table to display the current score to players and spectators.
Choose from a range of sizes, each a high-performance gaming platform in its own right. From the smallest 9ft right up to the tournament-sized 22ft, you can select the perfect table for your space without compromising on game quality.

Concaved Low-Friction Playfield
The playfield is made in solid maple, three inches thick and 20 wide. It's been treated with Champion's special polymer surface, which gives the smoothest glides. The playfield has a concave profile which helps to keep pucks in play, guiding them along the length of the table.
This table uses Champion's patented Handicap Scoring system. This is designed to handicap experienced players, giving novices more of a chance.

Elegant Rustic Gray Stain
The Rustic is available in the Rustic Gray On Oak finish. This is a distressed, rock-like colour with unique imperfections visible in the wood grain. Like a fingerprint, no two Rustic Gray shuffleboards are the same.
It really suits modern, bright surroundings, and those games rooms or bars with a contemporary feel. And if you think it looks good in the pictures, wait 'til you see it in the flesh.

Why Buy A Champion Shuffleboard Table?

Don't be fooled by a beautifully crafted cradle that contains a Grade D playfield. Think about the game! What good is a showcase football stadium or baseball park if the grass is poorly maintained and the field uneven?

With the "Lifetime Polymer" finish, a 1/4" thick polymer coating is applied over the maple playing field. This polymer eliminates the task of sanding down and refinishing - an annual headache with competing products. It saves the game owner valuable time and money for game maintenance. The "Lifetime Polymer" finish provides a fantastic playing surface that players can count on and is guaranteed for the life of the game board.

With 30 years of experience building AND playing shuffleboard, Champion has constantly refined and improved the processes for building, curing and adjusting playfields, and the SunGlo line of products keep that playfield in prime condition.

Not that Champion Shuffleboard cradles aren't beautifully crafted with premium woods and a wide selection of stains and finishes available. When you purchase a Champion Shuffleboard table it's the whole package: great to play, great to look at when you are not playing.


Need help with assembly or setup? No problem. Ask us in the chat box or shoot us an email. We work with a 3rd party installer who may service your area. 

* Get your order in now! This table is custom built for you. New updated lead times are 3-4 weeks.