Storm Waterproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table

Storm Waterproof Outdoor Air Hockey Table

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The Storm Outdoor air hockey table features a unique in-built drying system that not only removes humidity from the table, but also makes it resistant to any water spillages. Designed to be 100% waterproof, the Storm includes water-resistant polycarbonate barriers, top frame and playing field.

Due to its uniquely crafted shape the Storm's playing surface provides exceptionally fast game-play. The Storm has a powerful 240W fan used to force air at high pressure through perforated holes ensuring that the puck can float at high speed across the surface.

A first class table that even has a specialist LED lighting system in the surface and legs that provides a colourful display while you play.





  • See demonstration video below
  • Electronic Coin Acceptor
  • polycarbonate perforated playfield
  • polycarbonate top frame around the playfield with lighting system
  • polycarbonate barrier on both sides and in the center of the playfield
  • LED lightning system in the playfield
  • LED lightning system in the legs
  • digital score display for each player
  • air pump 260 W
  • standard power supply 230v/50Hz
  • power consumption: 60W (demo mode), 390W (game mode)
  • accessories included: 4 mallets, 6 pucks, 100 tokens (if token-programmed)
  • warranty: 12 months




  • Length: 95"
  • Width: 53"
  • Height: 25"
  • Weight: 670 lb


Assembly Required

  • Yes 


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  • Freight Truck
  • Estimated Lead time to ship if out of stock- 3 -4 weeks


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